Sales Execution is the Key to your success!

We are of the firm view that sales process is time consuming and demanding, and how to execute, is the real pain point most of the busines very often struggle with, even today.

Inside Sales:

Simply speaking, it refers to all the sales activities that happens from within your office premises, using phone call, emails, text messages, web meetings (using zoom, Google meet, Team etc.) and social media platforms like LinkedIn.Here no outside travel is required to meet your prospects and to close deals.Impact of Covid-19 has been so significant that it changed the over-all perception and approach to in-person meetings, which earlier the sales teams used to do, to gain buyer’s trust. Social distancing measures and travel restrictions during the covid-19 period made us think and realise the importance of Inside sales, shifting the focus to virtual sales meetings over zoom, google meet etc. and remote selling.

What we do

We provide full-cycle inside sales function that helps your business grow and scale.

We are of the firm view that sales execution is the key to any sales process, that involves every step of the sales cycle, right from lead generation to closing the sale, in addition to hiring, training and managing a high demanding inside sales team. Our inside sales outsourcing services are designed to just help you overcome that. We provide you with a dedicated sales team that will work along side you to increase revenue, acquire new customers, and enhance customer loyalty. Our team is skilled in creating personalized sales strategies that are aligned with your business needs, ensuring that you receive the best possible return on investment.

Services we provide

Database Management

Get access to data from across the globe for your relevant industry without having to invest a hefty amount and burning a hole in your packet we provide budget-friendly database services to store,and provide data form all fields and areas.

Appointment Setting

Finding relevant prospects and key decision in an ocean now easier with Marketing cafe. We will connect you with industry experts,and prospects that your company seeks.


We at Marketing Cafe handle the entire SDR process right from prospecting and research to lead nurturing and appointment setting,and scheduling your in-person meeting with the right decision makers,

What you get

You get your own team!

Outsourcing your inside sales functions to us means you are getting an experienced team assigned to your project who will be working closely with you to provide the desired results justifying your investments with us.


How Our Inside Sales team works


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