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The business is most often classified as start-ups, micro, small, medium and large enterprise. Those business that have been into start-up phase of 5 years or less, and account for up to INR 500 million (INR 50.0 Crores) in annual revenue, falls under the category of micro and small business. The business that have been running successfully for more than 5 years and have established themselves, and account for about INR 2.5 Billion (INR 250 Crores), we classify them as Medium enterprise.

Marketing Department plays a very vital role in promoting the business and mission of an organization. It serves as the face of your company, coordinating and producing all materials representing the business. It is the Marketing Department’s job to reach out to prospects, customers, investors and / or the community, while creating an over all image that represents your company in a positive light. It has the overall responsibility for growing revenue, increasing market share and contributing to company growth and profitability.

How to evolve, grow and scale business in today’s challenging scenario is a million-dollar question which every business enterprise, SMEs in particular are facing. Since the marketing department in most SMEs may just be a one-person department, or may just include a marketing director and / or manager plus few sales executive(s), it is frequently the owners and directors of these enterprise who are doing the sales & marketing activities on top of their many other key responsibilities, thus affecting the growth of their business. The main reason to this act “being unsure of the return on investment (ROI)” towards establishing a full-fledged marketing department in-house.

To evolve, grow and scale business, Outsourced Marketing Department can be one such solution to the industry at large, and SMEs in particular.

An outsourced marketing department is a space where an external agency / contractor is placed at with their team and performs / manages the key functions of a marketing department, either partly or fully, on behalf of their clients for a certain period as defined on their contract.

As a business owner, it certainly makes a lot of sense to outsource your marketing department to any experienced OMD Agency which can help you stay productive , accelerate business growth, allow you to focus on your other key responsibilities, simultaneously enables you to measure the success of your outsourced marketing department activities, mapping your ROI in real time.

An experienced OMD Agency is never dirt cheap! Cheap is ineffective. It’s something that costs little money, but produces little or no value. One should keep in mind that a good outsourced marketing department agency would always want to keep you as a client forever and not to just sell once! That’s why everyone in the outsourced marketing department would always work hard to bring in the best results, communicate with you more frequently and control the processes and systems in the best way possible. It will always aim to save your time and money so that you can sell more. Hence, it can’t be cheap!

Yes, Marketing Cafe is a professionally managed fast-growing outsourced marketing department, also called an OMD Agency which manages key marketing department functions of some of the fast growing small and medium business enterprises of India.

Sales Function Management, Marketing Function Management, Business Consulting, Productivity Coaching & Training, b2b Sourcing, Supply & Distribution are some of the key service functions that Marketing Cafe provides.

Yes, Marketing Cafe is a legal entity with valid GST & UDYAM registration nos., and Trade Mark issued by Government of India.

Marketing Cafe serves most of the industries & trade, be it manufacturing or service industry, OEM’s, project consultants, corporates, industrial supply agencies and trade distribution channels. Marketing Cafe is presently servicing PAN India region only.

Marketing Cafe maintains a lean team size of 5 people, called the core team who are experts into their respective domains. For project execution, Marketing Cafe deploys dedicated resources from its external pool of experienced contract force and interns for the duration of the project who are duly trained for the subject assignments. All projects are executed with complete ownership to give the desired results.

One can drop in their requirements by filling in the contact forms on the website, chat bots, directly connect over phone or write a mail to mdo@marketingCafe.in

On receipt of the enquiry, Marketing Cafe team responds to it with in next 24 hours and send a questionnaire form to get further information related to the project for further evaluation before any meaningful discussion is started. Based on the discussions after project evaluation (based on the information received in the duly filled in questionnaire form), commercial proposals are submitted against the enquiries.

Based on the experiences, Marketing Cafe recommends a minimum budgetary allocation of Rs. INR 5.0 Lakhs for micro small enterprise and INR 10.0 lakhs for medium enterprise respectively to be investment over a period of three to four months to be able to have a meaningful result against the project / services assigned to Marketing Cafe for a meaningful result.

Marketing Cafe offers viable proposals to its clients based on their project requirements & timeline for its completion. However, the client’s need to allocate proposed preliminary budget for investment into the project at the time of execution based on the allocation and it varies from project to project depending on its complexities.

Every service has some cost of execution which are fixed and hence We Regret, as we don’t have any solutions which can be offered purely on commissions / revenue sharing basis only. As a professional service provider, we need to dedicate quality time and resources to the project, and hence the service seeker needs to be prepared for allocating and investing the minimum recommended budget over a period of time upon the contract being signed..

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