We are of the firm belief that " Prospecting is key to your Sales ", and most sales reps struggle with it, even today!

Our SDR services just helps you overcome that.

We help streamline your sales process, using our proven lead generation strategies, that fill in your sales pipeline consistently with legitimate leads that are ready to close and put your outside sales team in the best position to close more deals.

Our SDR services works exactly on the principle of

We Prospect, and You Close

We at Marketing Café handle the entire SDR process right from prospecting and research to lead nurturing and appointment setting ,and scheduling your in-person meeting with the right decision makers, putting you in the best position to close more deals.

Why Outsource SDR’s

Today’s SDR’s are ambitious, and wish to grow faster in better sales positions and hence switch jobs very often, posing a real challenge to your lead generation campaigns. Moreover, it takes a lot of effort, time and money to hire, train and retain resources in-house.
Outsourcing SDR services can be a better proposition to these challenges and would cost less than what you have been spending for in-house team recruitment. With our SDR services, you have the advantage of starting your lead generation campaigns almost immediately and at a lower cost with proven results.


Quality & Continuity


Cost Efficient & Scalable


Proven Methodology & Network

Who to/ can benefit?

If you are a company/ business enterprise, looking to :
  • Launch a new product or service from scratch.
  • Enter a new market.
  • Disrupt your existing market.
  • Boost your sales activities.
  • Completely outsource your SDR work.
  • Temporarily hire extra capacity.
  • Benchmark your own SDR team.

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