Are you’re losing control over your business?

Maybe you are facing some among the below listed challenges.

  • Cost to company is very high on existing sales infrastructure & team.
  • Existing sales force is being un-productive, in effective & becoming non-reliable.
  • Setting up operations in a new region,planning market expansion, and new product launches.
  • Being a one-man company, building an in-house sales force is becoming expensive and tedious, managing them again a major issue.
  • Being a new start-up with limited in-house resources, starting from scratch and not able to focus on sales development activities.

Or even something more.

Outsource your Sales

With Us, you are at ease, and have full control over your business with Guaranteed Results!

Building an in-house sales force is expensive and managing them is again a major challenge, especially when it comes to MSME(s). This results in most of them opting to sell their products and services either through independent sales reps or indirect sales channels like distributors and resellers. Eventually, they start losing control over the market, and customers, and pricing and growth are affected the way it has to be.

At one end there are Independent sales reps who are self-employed individuals who serve a particular territory/region or an industry segment with established contacts. They sell your products as one among the representatives of your company and earn a commission only as remuneration on the sales made. Their primary interest is only in those products that have higher commissions and are of interest to their existing contacts. This helps them make easy sales and earn commissions faster.

On the other hand, indirect sales channels constitute distributors and resellers, who sell your products on margins and own the customers of their region. They buy your products and sell them to their customers on their terms, pushing the ones with better margins.  You are totally dependent on their energy and focus to sell your products or service because you do not have direct control over the end customer. Also, you can’t sell additional products and services directly in their territory.

With Marketing Cafe, you are in direct control and focused.
While we manage your sales functions aligned with your immediate business goals,
you are stress-free, staying productive, keeping your focus on other key responsibilities
requiring utmost attention, while we accelerate your business growth.

What we Do

We Provide

  • Ready to use sales infra-structure, optimized sales process, smart automation tools and technology that boosts your productivity
  • Cost-effective tailor-made solutions with guaranteed results and control, quality services you can rely upon.
  • Opportunities to grow and scale taking full control of your entire sales activity, target markets, customers and pricing.
  • Team to manage key sales functions that best suits your immediate business needs.
  • Experienced Contract Force for immediate deployment on project-based assignments without any fixed employment cost.

We just make your life a Little Easy!

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How we Work

The M.O.I.E. Methodology & Process


Services we Provide

Be it inside sales management, outside sales, or developing need-based business growth solutions for industries, we cover all.
We offer a complete package of solutions covering all aspects of sales functions that the industry needs today.

Inside sales

Inside sales is a remote sales activity from within the
office environment and conducts the complete sales
cycle right from lead generation to sales closure. Here
the SDRs never meet the prospects / client face-to-

Outside sales

Outside sales is a field sales activity carried out
from outside office environment. Here the field
sales executives often travel to meet the prospects/
clients face-to-face, as well as to build and maintain

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