Be it liquidity crunch, managing human resources, lack of knowledge and appropriate use of technology, or an effective sales and marketing strategy to develop business, recent Covid-19 pandemic outbreak has brought within serious challenges to most of the emerging business, micro small enterprise & start-up, and medium business enterprise alike as they were not prepared for the same.

The Challenges

Micro and Small Enterprise(s)

Micro-small enterprises & start-ups normally have limited working capital and human resources, & hence most of the enterprise business owners or directors are themselves managing their sales and marketing activities on top of their many other key responsibilities. These enterprises are either a one-person company or have a director and a manager with few sales executives.

Post Covid-19 pandemic brought in severe cash-flow & other administrative challenges, and reviving their business during the period was a daunting task for most micro-small enterprises & start-ups.

If you have a minimum sales development budget of approx. USD 6000.00 (INR 5.0 lacs) to be invested over a period of three to four months, our OMD Platform is the right fit for your business

Businesses that have been into the Startup phase of 5 years or less, with limited capital, very often facing cash flow challenges, and account for up to INR 500.00 million (INR50 Crores) in annual revenue, we classify them as MSE’s.

Medium Enterprise(s)

Though the medium enterprise had established their own brands, products and service offerings with a steady clientele, and also their own sales & marketing team in-house, they were facing severe challenges while undergoing business expansion post covid-19 pandemic.

Re-building an in-house sales force was really a daunting task as they were looking to scale business faster by servicing existing territories, entering new territories, launching new products/ services to get a better market share.

If you have a minimum sales development budget of approx. USD 12000.00 (INR 10.0 lacs) to be invested over a period of three to four months, our OMD Platform is the right fit for your business.

Businesses that have been running successfully for more than 5 years with their established products or services and a steady clientele, accounting an annual revenue of about INR2.5 Billons (INR 250.0 Crores), we classify them as Medium Enterprise.

The challenges faced by industries at large gave us hope and vision to innovate and create new business opportunities as well, as to grow and scale, and OMD – the Outsourced Marketing Department is one such grow-your-business platform for emerging businesses, micro small enterprise & start-ups, and medium business enterprise.

Come, Grow Business with OMD
- the Grow Business platform for MSMEs & Start-ups.

The Outsourced Marketing Department platform, OMD is a great fit for those industries, that are looking

  • To Revive business, stay productive, simplify their work process and experience growth.
  • To Outsource marketing department functions that best suit their immediate requirements.
  • To Hire services for their in-house sourcing, supply, and distribution requirements, be it products and components for their in-house consumption or something else.

With OMD, you are at peace and focused.

While we manage your key marketing department functions aligned with your immediate and future business goals, you are stress-free, keeping your focus on other key responsibilities requiring the utmost attention.


What We Do


Integrating your business goals with the OMD Grow Business Platform is just easy as we use our proven M.O.I.E. Methodology to get you started in just 4-6 weeks or Less.

The M.O.I.E Process


Our commitment – To make your Life a little Easy!

Our goal is to make you free from all the tensions, taking complete ownership of managing your key marketing department functions, working closely with you and your assigned team.This helps you take more informed decisions in improving your over-all productivity, scale business, MAP ROI,while you stay focused on your other key responsibilities, requiring utmost attention.

How You Get Benefitted


MAPPING ROI: What to Expect from us!

Assuming the case of a small and medium enterprise (SME) which is into manufacturing domain having a manpower strength of around 30-50 people, doing a turnover between 5-10 Crores/ annum. Being the Owner or Director of the company of the enterprise, you have a lot of responsibilities which needs your day to day focus, be it govt. compliances, HR & administration, production, factory expansion, business expansion, finance, accounts & taxation, logistics raw material sourcing, R & D and new product development, and many more. Presuming you working 10 hours a day, giving about 10% of your time time to YOUR INHOUSE Marketing Department, and not getting the desired results and hence looking for outsourcing your sales functions. Let's MAP your ROI in the chart below.

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