Come on board and execute live projects, working from the convenience of your home and in-office environments, taking complete ownership of your job functions assigned directly to reputed brands and businesses, the micro small, and medium enterprises in particular.

Let your contribution make a measurable impact on your company’s performance, you are assigned to work directly.

Our Philosophy

We believe in transparency and so is our work process.

At Marketing Cafe, we value your experiences as a professional and give due credit to the subject domain expertise you carry with you.
We get you the right monetary compensation for your work and the due recognition within the Indian workforce, where you are judged solely by your performance and work attitude irrespective of your work location. To further advance your career development goals, you being part of our contract sales force, and marketing contractor program, we push your hiring to an advanced level for project-based deployment with our existing and prospective clients.
We shall be working closely with you to enhance your missing skill sets if any, with our subject domain coaching programs and also provide hands-on training with smart automation tools and technology, which you may need for the assigned task execution.

What we Do

We manage key marketing department functions for MSME’s and start-ups, be it sales function management, marketing function management or a combination of both. We also do business consulting, run productivity coaching & training programs and do b2b sourcing for our clients, provide supply and distribution services to industries & trade.

We are fast-growing, and so is our clientele. To fulfill the growing demand of our existing and prospective clients for the project-based deployment of contract sales force & marketing contractors, we are seeking subject domain experts to be part of our contract force team, who are happy to contribute to taking complete ownership of the project assigned and grow with us working from home and in-office environments.

Why Grow Career with us?

Our contract force program is designed to hire subject domain experts / professionals for project-based deployment with Indian and overseas clients to handle key marketing department functions, viz.; sales, marketing.


If you are self-motivated, entrepreneurial, and looking to own and grow a career working from home, and in-office environments in any of the key functional areas we render our services in, then we must connect.

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