Today’s business is looking for smart and enthusiastic youngsters, possessing techno-commercial, management education with hands-on industry work experience, who upon onboarding can take on their respective job assignments and make a measurable impact on the company's performance from day one.

Our Grow Career Internship program just fills in this gap.

If you are a committed, self-motivated innovative career-oriented final-year college student, a homemaker possessing the desired education degree with a break-inservice, or looking to restart a career in any of the key functional areas we render our services to, then we must connect.

The Contract Sales Force, Marketing Contractor

Internship program

Our Productivity Coaching & Training program is specially designed keeping in mind the career prospects of college students, homemakers with break-in service, and today's industry needs.
While our coaching program helps you learn the right skill sets and expertise by making good use of technology, it also helps you simplify the work process, build your self-confidence to unlock your hidden potential, and overcome frustration to make you job-ready, making it more enjoyable and productive at your workplace.
On the other hand, our Training program further advances your career development goals, giving you the opportunity to get a feel of the key marketing department functions, where you get to work on live project-based assignments and gain hands-on real-life work experiences and earn certifications too.

Our specialised coaching and training program helps you to overcome the much needed industry work experience gap, moving you a step ahead from the category of  being a  fresher to an experienced  executive,  while you still pursuing your education program or even beyond that after passing out college, based on your interest, until you get a better career opportunity other than working with us.

What we Do

We make you job ready!

Though you may be fully equipped with your subjective knowledge after passing out college, you could well be missing out on some of the specialized skill sets and the real hands-on industry work experiences that today’s business is looking for.

During industry recruitment drives, it’s a common practice that experienced candidates are given more weightage over college freshers, and this is where we come in for your help to fill this gap between you and the industry.

At Marketing Café, we value your subjective knowledge and the rigorous education program you have pursued all these years to take on the career of your choice. And to further advance your career development, we offer you our contract force internship, a small fee-based three months coaching and training program, followed there after by hands-on industry work experiences with real projects, while you still pursuing your final year semester program in college, to grow career prospects further.


While you just be paying only a small fee for getting the specialized coaching and training during your internship with us, you also get a chance to start earning monthly stipends, like any full-time employee drawing their monthly salaries, upon signing our grow career internship program, immediately after successfully completion of your training. Learn More>>

About Us

We are a fast-growing, professionally managed outsourced marketing department, managing key marketing department functions of our fast-growing clientele within the small and medium businesses of India, under the able leadership and guidance of our CEO, who has a long-term vision to grow and scale business across industries within PAN India and the overseas markets. Learn More>>

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