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MDO - Marketing Department Outsourcing
The Concept...

You as the owner of a Small & Medium Enterprise (SME), understand(s) the need to develop an in house Marketing Department with a dedicated team to handle your business. Being unsure of the Return On Investment (ROI) , developing the required Marketing infrastructure & team becomes a major challenge & you end up carrying out the Marketing Department Functions as well on top of your other key responsibilities, thus affecting the growth of your business.

We , the Outsourced Marketing Department www.marketingcafe.in are here to help you overcome these New Challenges in Sales & Marketing by providing the best in class Offshore Marketing Department Function Services which are practical, measurable & scalable, thus enabling you to stay focussed on your other key responsibilities that needs much of your attention , while assigning your marketing departments responsibility to us. We are equipped with powerful marketing technologies & tested processes to run an effective sales & marketing programme to take care of all business development needs.

Just like any in house marketing department, we as your Outsourced Marketing Department, will be there to answer all your queries, give advice and provide the professional expertise you require to grow your business. This will enable you to measure the success of your sales & marketing activities and the return on your investment without the fixed employment costs associated with establishing your own team. Our expertise and experience into the core marketing department functions enables us to deliver an integrated one stop solution for your company thus making you free to focus on all the other critical activities that need your focus and attention the most.
Activity Head Your Current CPM (Rs) Offshore Department CPM (Rs) Your Savings CPM (Rs) Benefits
Your Cost of Involvement - Strategy Business Direction with people 50000.00 30000.00 20000.00 It’s a Hidden Cost, normally one ignores to account and can be used for the betterment of your Business.

10% of your time with Sales & Marketing Department calculated @ Rs.3300 / day for 30 Hour leads to Rs. 1,00,000 approx which is being taken at 50% into your current cost.

Our Offshore Marketing Department can improve this further by reducing the time spent by you and your team to Half and also at a lower cost
Sales Manager 30000.00 30000.00 0.00 It’s a normal Cost which you spend upon, who would not be able to add any strategic value. Will executes the defined Job.
Our Offshore Marketing Department will deliver results based on its strategic planning at the same cost.
2 Assistants 30000.00 0.00 30000.00 We would only take support from the back office to help reduce your cost.
Recruitment(s) Cost 50000.00 20000.00 30000.00 Average of 5 Positions costing @ Rs. 10,000.00 a month/ per position you may possibly spend upon.
Our Offshore Marketing Department calculations are based on our internal resources and cost effective way of managing the same.
Cost on Technology 0.00 25000.00 (-)25000.00 Deploying technology reduced the manpower requirement.
Total Cost 160000.00 105000.00 55000.00 You here save a straight Rs. 55000.00 / month by Outsourcing your Marketing Department to us.