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We help keeping your Sales Pipeline full of qualified Leads!

Marketing Café helps business houses gain foothold in their priority markets by initiating dialogues with decision makers using Voice Call, Email, Website, Social Media, Messages, and Meetings through the efficient and intelligent use of technology.

Backed by more than two decades of our experience in Sales and Marketing Function Management over Multi-Industry Domain and our expertise in Pre-Sales process of Prospecting using Voice Call, Email, Website, Social Media, Messages, and Meetings, we help your sales team to scale new heights equipping them with sales qualified leads and appointments.


     » Campaign Set Up

  1. Contract Awarded (P.O. Received): Dedicated Rep will be allocated within 15 days to start the campaign process.
  2. Meeting Takes place: We sit with you to understand your product(s) / service(s), your target industry, the decision makers, geographical area focus and other criteria’s which is relevant for your campaign.
  3. Create Data Base: Building the right list of prospects takes a considerable amount of time. We create a list of prospective Decision Makers (key players who are all involved in your target’s buying decision – specifiers, influencers and final DM’s) from our internal data base and external sources based on your criteria and make sure that the contacts we create have all the necessary information (phone number, contact name, Job title, email address, company name, addresses)
  4. Data Base sent for approval: We mail you the list of prospects for your approval.
  5. Set up Social profile: We create your social media profile on LinkedIn to develop new connections based on your criteria.
  6. Set up Domain Based account in our CRM: We set up your domain based CRM account, create your Sales Pipe Line and automate Sales Process to Nurture Leads. We will upload the approved Data Base into this CRM account and give you complete access to monitor your campaign activities in a transparent manner.
  7. Develop Campaign Content: Based on your campaign objectives, we prepare your Call Script, Email templates & other sales collaterals
  8. Campaign Content sent for approval: We mail you the Campaign Content developed for your approval.
  9. Assign you a Dedicated Sales Representative: We assign a dedicated Sales Development Representative who will represent your company during the contract period.
  10. Product Training to your Sales Representative: We start training your representative one day after you approve the Campaign content in writing.
  11. Kick off Campaign: As per defined process, your Sales Representative will start calling, e-mailing, carry out lead nurturing and social media activities within Seven Days from the date of Data Base approval.
  12. Weekly Reporting of Campaigns: Thru CRM account and status reports thru email.
  13. Reporting Campaign Summary: Monthly basis and within 3 days after the official end date of campaign.

    » Campaign Flow

  1. We Profile Your Approved Database to identify prospective decision makers via outbound calling.
  2. We Send Initial E-mail giving a brief introduction about our products and services and inform our intent to call.
  3. We Call to Follow-up to discuss our product offerings & value proposition.
  4. We E-mail our product catalogues and company credentials to provide additional info to follow up.
  5. We Connect with Prospects on Social Media thru our profile and start communications.
  6. We Book Meetings Automatically with prospects on our calendar saving precious hours in sending back-and-forth e-mails.
  7. We Track Website visits to Identify Prospects.
  8. We Track Conversations with site visitors to convert them into qualified Leads
  9. We Call Decision Makers to set date and time of appointment.
  10. We Confirm Appointment Scheduled by Phone, Email & SMS.
marketing cafe Campaign Flow