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data profiling

Marketing Café data profiling solutions are designed to offer you an ideal contact profile that specify the exact type of contacts you need based on your target market, industry or decision maker. Making best use of latest tools & technology, we collect, analyse & compile the B2B contact data that gives a clear picture of your target audience and help you take smart decisions.

Our data specialists plan and execute data profiling campaigns that meets your requirements by following our unique data acquisition process

Campaign Process

  • Contract Awarded ( P.O. Received.) Calling & Emailing can start with in two weeks
  • Meeting Takes Place. We sit with you to understand your requirement
  • Create Worksheet . Prepare database cross matching updated records by data research team.
  • Set up Social profile on LinkedIn
  • Develop campaign content - Call script & Email Copy
  • Start Product Training to your Sales Representative
  • Kick off Campaign
  • Carry out Data Cleaning - Finished data, Deduplicate, Email verification, Double checking of fields.
  • Submit Report
data profiling