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Data Cleansing & Verification

Research says, about 40% of business data becomes obsolete every year . If you have not updated your database in the last two years, it is most likely that 2/3rd of your communications may go waste.

Marketing Café offers a complete suite of data cleansing & verifications solutions on a B2B platform. We ensure that every bit of information you have about your customer data is well compiled and uploaded into your CRM and further updated by conducting a data clean up activity to check your data base for errors and ensure that you have a complete, accurate and reliable information to drive your various marketing campaigns.

We focus on critical areas

  1. Data Scrubbing: Involves data entry and resolving basic errors.
  2. De-duplication of Records: Involves identifying and removing duplicate records and combining records incorrectly classified as separate
  3. Recovering / Fixing Missing Data: We involve intelligent methods to identify and manage records with incomplete data
  4. Data Standardization: We ensure complete data consistency in your data base
  5. Data Verification: Our data experts validate and verify information on your database thru phone, email, and online research.
data cleansing